Anonymous Hacks Syrian Ministry of Public Administration


Ever since Bashar al-Assad, the president of Syria, started to retaliate against the citizens’ protest in a violent manner, Anonymous hacktivists from all over the world began showing their involvement.

Their latest target is the site of the Ministry of Public Administration, from which they managed to obtain and leak a large number usernames and passwords.

The hackers also managed to hack a subdomain owned by another government website, HSCR.

“The Syrian government actively controls the free flow of information for its own sinister motives through a complete international media blackout. The state owns a monopoly over the Syrian media, prohibits any critical analysis of the regime, and freely arrests journalists and bloggers on a whim,” Anonymous wrote in December 2011 when the campaign started.

Lately, hacktivists have gotten involved in protest all over the world, including countries such as Palestine, Nigeria, Egypt, Brazil, Greece and Romania, hacking and defacing sites to prove their point.

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