The T-90MS, a new, fully modernized version of the Russian T-90 main battle tank, has displayed its capabilities at a testing range in the city of Nizhny Tagil in the Ural Mountains.The armored vehicle has successfully passed numerous tests under various weather and climate conditions and is already considered one of the most powerful main battle tanks in the world.

“Since man-portable anti-tank weapons have become the new trend nowadays, we decided to upgrade both the tank’s weaponry and defense systems. The tank can now hold its ground against a large number of enemy infantry armed with anti-tank weaponry,” the head of the design department of the Transmash design bureau told the Russian TV channel Zvezda.

The T-90MS was outfitted with a remote-controlled machinegun mount and a new state-of-the-art turret and hull defense system comprised of removable dynamic defense modules.

The tank’s offensive capabilities have been greatly enhanced via the addition of a new fire control system. Its multichannel panoramic sights, which are equipped with an integrated thermal vision system, allow the tank commander to effectively keep track of the vehicle’s surroundings both during day and nighttime without being impaired by the low visibility caused by adverse weather conditions.

A new tracking system and “hunter-shooter” mode give the tank crew the edge up during fights against multiple enemy targets. After marking a target, the commander is free to leave it to the gunner and scan the battlefield for more targets to engage – the tracking system keeps the tank’s weapon systems locked on the target.
The new tank’s crew comforts were improved as well, with the addition of automatic transmission, a rear view camera and two air conditioning units.


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