According to Russian Air Force Commander, Lieutenant General Viktor Bondarev, while speaking to Russian media house ” ITAR-TASS ” informed that first Pak-FA will have its first flight , he was quoted saying ” In 2019, the plane is to perform the first flight, and in 2023 its tests will be completed and delivery to the troops will be carried out,” Bondarev said “

He also mentioned that First T-50 will be delivered to Air force in 2016 , it seems Russian Air force will get a T-50 Prototype in 2016 and in 2019 first Pak-Fa with new engines, Radar and New Avionics will make it flight and enter production in 2023 . First T-50 Prototype made its first flight in 2010 and one Prototype earlier this year caught fire and was damaged and after three months the aircraft has been replaced .

India has already raised concerns regarding technical doubts expressed by India. To top it off, no Indian pilot has ever been allowed to fly the PAK FA prototype. With shifting deadline India can only get its hand on a T-50 Prototype in 2017 and a Pak-fa variant in 2020 perhaps and Indian version of FGFA based on Pak-Fa post 2020 time line .

Source : ITAR-TASS

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